Energy Management and IoT: the ESA Automation Solutions

Improving your company’s energy efficiency is not only a financial necessity, it is one of the key points of the Industry 4.0 and smart factory.

That is why we need interconnected technologies that are able to monitor energy consumptions and, at the same time, play a part in their decrease. To answer this need, ESA Automation developed its line of energy management solutions.

Energy efficiency and IoT according to ESA Automation

The idea of smart factory is based on three elements: smart production, smart services and smart energy. Specifically, smart energy consists in continuously monitoring energy consumptions and preventing waste through the use of more performing systems.

The Industry 4.0 has transformed the concept of productivity. Today, production plants need technologies that guarantee excellent performances both in terms of productivity and efficiency. And this is only possible through the Internet of Things paradigm.

ESA Automation has developed its energy management solutions according to the principles of the IoT and the Industry 4.0. That is, systems able to continuously collect energy data and make them available autonomously to other machineries of the plant.

This is the key to energy efficiency and company digitalization. The prerequisite to make interconnected and efficient production possible, with less waste and a more positive impact.

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ESA Automation energy management line

ESA Automation has developed a range of smart meters and energy management solutions based on the key principles of connectivity and openness of the IoT. These systems, in fact, allows you to operate a continuous diagnosis of the consumptions of the production plant to control its functioning and if there is any problem or excessive waste. On top of its suitability according to the Industry 4.0 standards.

Starting with the Energyaware software. Easy to set up and use, this program works as an integrated system of remote monitoring and control for network of smart meters and other Esaware devices. Like the EW800 Distributed Meter (DEM), a device that can be installed directly on machines to carry out a continuous and punctual monitoring of their consumptions. Plus, it makes it even easier thanks to its resistive touch screen and 256×96 pixels graphic display, backlit with white LED.

For this data to circulate and be shared is essential to apply a productive context based on the Internet of Things. ESA Automation has therefore developed its Cloud service, which makes information available to any device connected to the production plant.

Each solution of our energy management line is interconnected to guarantee the necessary flow of data to achieve more efficient productivity, just as required in the Industry 4.0.

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