Lean Management and Big Data for the Future of Production

Lean Management and Big Data have a more and more relevant role for the future of production in the Industry 4.0. This is clear when you look at the last years of the industrial sector.

Today companies aim – and manage – to increasingly reduce waste in the production process, thanks to the implementation of a more efficient, or leaner, system.

Lean Manufacturing and Big Data: what are they?

The concepts of Lean Management and Big Data are born from the principles on which the fourth industrial revolution takes place. In particular, Lean Management is the core ideal of the Industry 4.0, based on the need to optimize the production process.

As the name suggests, Lean Management consists in simplifying the system as much as possible, so as to reduce waste and maximize productivity.

This is where Big Data comes into play. According to the principle of the Internet of Things, in order to make the production plant more efficient, it is necessary to have a greater and more autonomous circulation of data between machines and the system.

This in necessary to guarantee a slower and more efficient future. Produce faster, cut waste, reduce time and distances: these are all essential in the Industry 4.0

ESA Automation and its Lean Management solution

ESA Automation develops its Lean Management solutions for the future of production based on the principles we have just talked about. The goal is to help companies maximize production with the least waste of resources.

Here are the most innovative solutions for the Industry 4.0:


Everyware is the Esaware remote assistance platform. It’s a life saver software in an increasingly globalized context, because it allows to cut distances, thus reducing assistance time and costs, and downtimes.

ESA Automation Cloud

How can you talk about Big Data without mentioning Cloud computing? ESA Automation has developed its Cloud system for company digitalization. Thanks to the use of standard MQTT and AMQP protocols, it is a safe and fast way to ensure data circulation among all machines connected to the production plant.

Energy Management

In order to reduce waste, first you need to continuously monitor energy consumption in the production process. For this purpose, ESA Automation has created its Smart Meter solution and energy management software line.

All this perfectly integrates with the other Esaware solutions from ESA Automation.

This way, you can get a 360-degree efficient production system. A system based on essential principles for the future of production such as Lean Management and Big Data.