MISE: Digital Transformation for SMEs

Digital Transformation: the MISE call for SMEs arrives. From December 15th 2020, Italian companies will be able to request access to contributions and funding for the development of projects for the implementation of digital tools and enabling technologies of the Factory 4.0 Plus Plan.

In order to apply, it is necessary to follow the instructions indicated in the directorial decree of October 1st 2020 by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Digital Transformation: what it is and which projects it admits

The Directorial Decree of June 9th 2020 governs the facilitating intervention on Digital Transformation established in Article 29, paragraphs 5 to 8, of the Decreto Crescita. The funds allocated amount to 100 million euros, to support the digital and technological transformation of the production processes of micro, small and medium-sized companies. This through the implementation of:

  • Enabling technologies identified by the Factory 4.0 Plus Plan, (advanced manufacturing solutions, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, simulation, horizontal and vertical integration, industrial internet, cloud, cybersecurity, big data and analytics).


  • Technologies related to digital technological solutions of the supply chain, aimed at: optimization of the management of the distribution chain and the management of relations with the various players; software; digital platforms and applications for the management and coordination of logistics with high integration characteristics of service activities; other technologies (electronic systems for data exchange, blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, etc.).

To qualify for the benefits of the MISE, the projects must include the realization of:

  • process innovation or organization innovation activities, or;

MISE call: all the main benefits

“With the directorial decree of October 1st 2020, the terms and methods for submitting applications for subsidies, the scores, conditions and minimum thresholds for admissibility of the same applications, as well as criteria for determining and reporting on the activities and of the eligible costs, the information charges to be borne by the proponents and the additional elements useful for defining the correct implementation of the subsidy intervention.”

In particular, the funds obtained with the MISE Digital Transformation call are granted on the basis of a nominal percentage of eligible costs and expenses of 50%:

  • 10% in the form of a contribution;
  • 40% as a subsidized loan.

The beneficiary companies will then have to repay the subsidized loan without interest from the date of disbursement of the last installment of the subsidies, according to an amortization plan in six-monthly installments for a maximum period of 7 years.

MISE Digital Transformation call: which companies?

According to the DL, to participate in the MISE call and benefit from the concessions, SMEs must:

  • be registered as active in the Business Register;
  • operate mainly or primarily in the manufacturing sector and/or in that of direct services to manufacturing companies and/or in the tourism sector and/or in the trade sector;
  • having achieved, in the financial year to which the last approved and filed financial statements refer, an amount of revenues from sales and services equal to at least Euro 100,000.00;
  • have at least two financial statements approved and filed with the Business Register;
  • not be subject to bankruptcy proceedings and not be in a state of bankruptcy, liquidation, even voluntary, controlled administration, arrangement with creditors or in any other equivalent situation according to current legislation.