Motion Control and Packaging: Technical Developments

The evolution of motion control in packaging has come a long way thanks to digitalization, modularity and the latest technological innovations. However, this progress has also been driven by the need to focus on sustainability and safety.

In this article, we analyze the most recent and relevant technical developments of motion control in the packaging sector.

Technical evolution of motion control in packaging

More efficiency and sustainability

Sustainability is one of the most relevant issues for packaging machine manufacturers. For instance, many aim to reduce the waste of films and other packaging materials through greater precision of machines. In addition, companies also pay more attention to energy efficiency, with smarter electric drives and controls. For example, some servomotors can “regenerate” and supply electricity to other motors when they slow down.

Compact and all-in-one solutions

While in the past motors and drives were separate, today compact servomotors are available. These all-in-one solutions present several benefits for the packaging sector: from economic advantages to connectivity and cable-free options for greater convenience and safety.

Integrated axis management

One of the main technical developments of motion control in packaging is integrated axis management. In fact, packaging machines are now able to manage multiple axis coordinately and synchronously, leading to more efficient and functional systems.

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Motion control and artificial vision

Artificial vision in motion control is a growing trend. Using particular algorithms, sensors and cameras, this technology allows companies to collect and process new important information. In the packaging sector, vision control can make a big difference, adding features such as visual recognition, reading specific codes, and measuring and selecting objects.

In conclusion, the technical evolution of motion control in packaging will continue to have a positive impact on the sector. In the future, we’ll see a growing synergy within systems, as well as a progressive optimization of resources and energy. Motors and drives will definitely play an important role in reaching these goals.

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