New 10.1” ESA Web Panel

ESA’s industrial web panel family welcomes the new 10.1” version. A new option that adds even more versatility and adaptability to any work environment. Discover all its features in this article.

New 10.1” web panel

Already available with 7” and 15” display, ESA web panel now debuts with the brand new 10.1” version. Its goal: meeting the needs of any production plant. Finally, operators who need a larger display surface, but do not want – or do not have space for – the largest model, can opt for the perfect middle ground.

Why offer three different screen sizes? ESA’s goal is to make every operator’s job easier and more efficient. This way, our customers have an additional option and can find the solution that best suits their plant.

ESA web panel: digital future

With it’s dynamic and interconnected architecture, ESA range of web panels embodies the values ​​of the Internet of Things. This device, in fact, makes it possible to view production data and any interface developed in HTML5 thanks to the powerful built-in browser and the true flat display equipped with capacitive touch technology available in the 7”, 15” and now 10.1” variants.

From the classic HMI client, ESA web panel takes the operator from a field management to a digital one, making it the most suitable solution for Industry 4.0. In this way, visualization is not only simpler, but is more immediate and updated in real time. As a result, the data flow within the production plant is faster and more accessible.

It’s not all. Based on the ARM Cortex A9 Quad-Core processor, our web panels also guarantee maximum openness, making it possible to display any type of web based interface regardless of the device with which it was created.

Finally, our web panels feature two USB ports, dual Ethernet ports, SDHC card reader and, optionally, serial port and Wi-Fi and 3G communication capabilities. For maximum adaptability, these devices can be mounted either with a VESA arm or inside the panel.

In summary, the main features of the ESA web panel are:

  • 7”, 15” and now 10.1” display true flat with capacitive touch screen.
  • Maximum openness to display any web content.
  • Cortex A9 quad core processor.
  • 2 USB ports.
  • Double Ethernet port.
  • SDHC card reader.
  • Optional serial port and Wi-Fi and 3G communication capability.
  • Can be installed on VESA arm or inside the panel.

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