Remote Work and Communication with Everyware

Being able to work and communicate remotely in industry is essential, today more than ever. According to the principles of the IoT, we need solutions to exchange data, control production plants and intervene remotely when necessary.

This is exactly what Everyware does: our maintenance platform that lets you manage your plant remotely, wherever it is. This not only allows you to cut costs and service times, but to interact, monitor, share and communicate at any time even if you are not physically on site.

How to effectively communicate remotely with Everyware

To work and communicate remotely effectively in industrial environments, you need technologies that have no distance limitations.

With Everyware, it is possible to manage systems remotely from anywhere in the world. Just create your own domain on the platform and connect the system (or systems) to be monitored, to be able to log in from your PC, regardless of the distance. The user can check the status of the machinery and, if necessary, intervene and make changes.

Besides distance, when we talk about remote communication, we cannot ignore two other fundamental requirements: security and stability. When interacting remotely, it is very important that the production data is protected and that no external intrusions occur. For this, Everyware creates a VPN connection using an encrypted system based on the TLS 1.2 algorithm. In addition, the connection requires only outgoing data and uses a client server logic, allowing the user to connect to the system without ever touching sensitive data.

Furthermore, to guarantee the continuity of the connection and the quality of the assistance service, Everyware uses a geo-localization system to identify the server with the best data traffic line available nearby. In the event of a line failure or interruption, the software immediately moves the service to another functioning server, without ever suspending the service.

Everyware’s features

Here are the main features of the Everyware remote maintenance platform.

  • Cloud-based maintenance and data collection.
  • Standard HTTPS protocol, with no need for firewalls or IT policy changes.
  • Encrypted VPN based on the TLS 1.2 security protocol.
  • Integrated chat support.
  • Integrated file transfer functionality.
  • VPN and passthrough for direct connection to the remote control.
  • Remote desktop functionality to speed up and optimize production in an increasingly globalized environment.
  • Online Update functionality for domain management, to automatically update the domain management client online.
  • User Privileges Option, with which to establish the functions and privileges for each domain user.