Industrial Internet of Things and ESA Automation Approach to its Innovations

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents what todays industry is all about. The Industry 4.0, which bases its values on this principle.

This is a reality that involves all the companies in the industry and that has made a major change in the way they conduct their activities, as well as in products or services.

Let’s see what is the ESA Automation approach to the innovations of the Internet of Things.


The Industry 4.0 and ESA Automation Products

The Industry 4.0 has proved to be more than just a trend or a marketing move. This concept has become more and more real, managing to change the industrial automation sector in a few years. The needs have changed and with them technologies used. This also applies to ESA Automation products, which has always invested in research and innovation in order to offer the solutions needed by the industry.


Remote Assistance with Everyware 1.4: Find Out What’s New

Providing remote assistance with Everyware becomes even more convenient, thanks to more connectivity and to a faster configuration system.

With the new 1.4 update, just released by ESA Automation, the technology company introduces some very important new features, which will make your job even more efficient.

Thanks to Everyware 1.4 travel costs and time are gone. The remote assistance platform, part of the range of solutions for industrial automation Esaware, gives you the ability to monitor production plants and intervene wherever they are.


ADALGISA: The Safe, Friendly, and Smart House

June 2013 – December 2015 The increase in life expectancy in our society implies an expansion of the portion of the population that is potentially more fragile, such as elderly and disabled people. For example, only for Lombardy Region, the number of persons 65 and over is estimated to be 3.5 million in 2043 with respect to the current 2 million (an increase of %75 in less than thirty years) while at national level, the percentage of persons 65 and over will go from the currently %20 of the total population (12 million) to a percentage more than %32 in 2043.


Esaware operator terminals: new features of the Crew editor

Need an updated solution to program HMI and IPC devices? The Esaware operator terminals allow it in the most intuitive and easy way.

Especially now that we have introduced the new features on the Crew 1.6 editor.

Better performance, increased efficiency and, above all, more possibilities. The ESA Automation SCADA has become even more useful for any manufacturing facility.


The new EW600 I/Os and their integration with HMIs and EW100AC SoftPLC

The family of solutions Esaware gets wider with the new EW600 I/Os, which offer even more flexibility and control.
This past year has been full of news for ESA Automation, first the acquisition of the CNC Motion company Elcon Group and now the introduction of new products.
An innovative addition, that expands the already wide range of ESA Automation solutions.

The new EW600 family of I/Os is perfectly integrated with EW100AC HMIs and CODESYS SoftPLC. That
is why, thanks to these devices you can command and control all you applications.


The New Industrial Pcs by ESA Automation: Benefits of EW200 Slim Pcs

What are the benefits of the EW200 Slim Pcs? The new Industrial Pcs by ESA Automation add new features to the innovative range of solutions for industrial automation Esaware.

From system flexibility to HD graphics, to the slim and even more modern design. Controlling the machines of your production plant reaches a new peak in technology.

Let’s see how.


ESA Automation acquires the CNC-Motion Brand Elcon Group

Mariano Comense (CO), November 11, 2015 – ESA Automation is enthusiastic to announce the acquisition of Elcon Group, a company specialized in motion control. ESA Automation has always been involved in researching and developing innovative solutions for industrial automation. We design products that meet the need for technology and sustainability of different sectors, through the Industry 4.0 logic and through our company’s values of openness, flexibility and dynamism. And it is under this perspective that we enter in the Cnc and Motion field.


Smart Meters and their purpose in Industrial Automation

To measure intelligently: this is what the purpose of smart meter in industrial automation is about. The availability of information on your production plant is necessary to intervene in favor of a more efficient process. At the same time, however, researching and obtaining such information, without the right support, require time and resources, interfering with the very same level of efficiency that you hope to reach. As a result, a downward spiral is created, which can only be broken through a solution that can collect data, without this activity weighting on the company’s functionality and work. Hence the creation of smart meters.


Esaware and the solutions for Industrial Automation

Esaware is the range of solutions for Industrial Automation designed by ESA Automation in order to answer the necessities of all industrial sectors.

Flexibility, dynamism and openness are the values of this line of HMI, SoftPlc, I/O, IPC, Router, Gateway, Smart Meter, Software and last generation SCADA.