(IT) 26 settembre 2017 Forum Meccatronica: le tecnologie abilitanti per la digitalizzazione 4.0 dell’industria

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Industry 4.0: the importance of automated and interconnected production

The Industry 4.0 has shifted the focus on the importance of automated and interconnected production.

More accessibility, efficiency and ability to exchange big volume of data among themselves: these are, in fact, the most important characteristics to look for in production machines and technologies, both to be competitive and to keep up with the new industrial principles.


Industry 4.0: Big Data analytics and productivity growth

The steam engine in the nineteenth century, electricity at the beginning of ‘900, and automation in the 1970s. Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, technological advancement has driven productivity growth in industry.

During the past years, we have witnessed a fourth and new wave of technological progress: the Industry 4.0, based on the rise of industrial digital technology.


The industrial PCs market: today’s trends and future objectives

The Industry 4.0 has pointed out and introduced new principles, like the IoT, and necessities that have shaken the dynamics of the entire sector, including the industrial Pcs market.

New technological trends have emerged and most of all a transformation process has begun, which is destined to change the face of industry and of industrial automation.


Industry 4.0: the ESA Automation software solutions for company digitalization

What are the ESA Automation software solutions for company digitalization?

System openness and interconnectivity according to a IoT logic, within a production plant, are among the most important principles of the Industry 4.0. and they are also the goals that ESA Automation wants to reach through its solution for industrial automation. Particularly, the software ones


SPS IPC Drives 2017: Looking into ESA Automation Success

Many news and great attendance: again this year, ESA Automation has successfully engaged the visitors of the SPS IPC Drives exhibition, thanks to its latest technological solutions for industrial automation


Industrial PCs: how to protect your device from cyber-attacks

According to a study by Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT, in 2016 safety software solutions have blocked cyber-attacks on 39% of industrial PCs (source Betanews.com).


ARM or x86: ESA Automation suggestions to choose the best processor

Choosing the best processor between ARM and x86 is not an easy task.

There are many factors to take in account and opinions change according to the context and the specific needs. Especially when it’s about industrial applications.


The use of Industrial PCs in relation to IoT growth in the manufacturing industry

The fourth industrial revolution has already started.

The Industry 4.0 marks a turning point in industrial automation and sets the focus on the necessity of more efficient production and of a continuous interconnectivity among all participants in the production process.


Super and Iper-depreciation for investments in Industry 4.0 assets

SuperIper Ammortamento
Thanks to the so called super and iper-depreciation for purchases of devices and software for the Industry 4.0, now it’s the best time in Italy to invest in efficiency and in technology.

With tax breaks of 140% and 250%, the Italian Budget Law 2017 sends a clear massage.

It’s time to really enter in the future of industry.