The New Industrial Pcs by ESA Automation: Benefits of EW200 Slim Pcs

What are the benefits of the EW200 Slim Pcs? The new Industrial Pcs by ESA Automation add new features to the innovative range of solutions for industrial automation Esaware.

From system flexibility to HD graphics, to the slim and even more modern design. Controlling the machines of your production plant reaches a new peak in technology.

Let’s see how.


ESA Automation acquires the CNC-Motion Brand Elcon Group

Mariano Comense (CO), November 11, 2015 – ESA Automation is enthusiastic to announce the acquisition of Elcon Group, a company specialized in motion control. ESA Automation has always been involved in researching and developing innovative solutions for industrial automation. We design products that meet the need for technology and sustainability of different sectors, through the Industry 4.0 logic and through our company’s values of openness, flexibility and dynamism. And it is under this perspective that we enter in the Cnc and Motion field.


Smart Meters and their purpose in Industrial Automation

To measure intelligently: this is what the purpose of smart meter in industrial automation is about. The availability of information on your production plant is necessary to intervene in favor of a more efficient process. At the same time, however, researching and obtaining such information, without the right support, require time and resources, interfering with the very same level of efficiency that you hope to reach. As a result, a downward spiral is created, which can only be broken through a solution that can collect data, without this activity weighting on the company’s functionality and work. Hence the creation of smart meters.


Esaware and the solutions for Industrial Automation

Esaware is the range of solutions for Industrial Automation designed by ESA Automation in order to answer the necessities of all industrial sectors.

Flexibility, dynamism and openness are the values of this line of HMI, SoftPlc, I/O, IPC, Router, Gateway, Smart Meter, Software and last generation SCADA.


Legislative Decree 102/2014: how to conform in order to improve energy efficiency

With Legislative Decree 102/2014, entered into force on July 19th 2014, it has become mandatory to improve the energy efficiency of your company.

What was an optional, a competitive advantage or a strategy before, now is a requirement we you cannot escape from. You shall have carried out an energy audit of your company within December 5th 2015.

Luckily, ESA Automation offers a fast solution to do so.


ESA Automation SCADA solutions and their applications in the industrial processes

In Industrial Automation, the synergy between hardware and software is the base of all production activities and it is what allows companies to stand out from their competition.

That is why ESA Automation SCADA solutions and their applications in the
industrial processes represent the perfect match, guaranteeing top versatility and reliability in any working  environment.


Energy audit: rules, procedures and importance of the energy analysis of facilities

In Industrial Automation, the energy audit, or energy analysis, consists in verifying and optimizing the energy efficiency of a production plant. In other words, it’s aimed to collect information about the real energy consumption during production processes and corporate activities,so as to allow clients to take the necessary measures in order to improve the situation. In fact, today, as highlighted by the fifth edition of the Energy Efficiency Report, energy efficiency must be considered as “action priority” for the sustainability of our industry. That is why ESA Automation has developed a range of Smart Meter and Data Manager solutions.


Industrial Pcs and their applications for industrial automation

Industrial Pcs, or IPC, are among the most important aspects of the Industrial Automation sector. In fact, it is up to them to control and command the machineries of the production plant.
In other words, these platforms are the linkbetween users and industrial production itself. The synapse that connects man and machine, turning thoughts into actions.

That is why Industrial Pcs must be particularly versatile and offer high performances: it is necessary for these computers to be compatible with different, and often critical, industrial machines and contexts, where there is no space for errors.

Since there are so many application for Industrial Pcs in Industrial Automation, you can find several categories of these platforms. We have Box Industrial Pcs (Box IPC), generally more resistant and suitable for harsh industrial environments, and Panel Industrial Pcs (Panel IPC), equipped with a display that helps users to interact.


What is a Smart Meter?

Today’s complexity in the industrial field requires more efficient technologies and devices: and the same goes for those devices that measure the quantity and quality of resources used by a production plant.

That is why old meters have been takenover by Smart Meters: smart measurement and monitoring of consumption (energy, gas, water, etc.) solutions, that are able to communicate with the costs management and control systems of the machineries in the production plant.

Therefore, we can qualify a Smart Meter as an intelligent and open sentinel, which goal is no longer just recording certain data, but also to automatically communicate and transmit them.


Why has Scada Otomasyon chosen Esaware HMIs?

We have talked again and again about the versatility of the #Esaware range in the Industrial Automation sector and it seems that this feature has proved to be crucial in new context.

The Turkish company Scada Otomasyon has joined us,choosing #Esaware HMI solutions to monitor and control its slippers and polyurethane shoe soles production facility.

Therefore, after the pharmaceutical, the automotive, the food & beverage sectors and many others, #Esaware has entered the footwear industry. A new confirmation of this line being able to meet any production need.