From VT terminals to the new Esaware HMI series

The new range of #Esaware HMI is the result of a path that started from VT terminals.
ESA Automation has always created products that are capable of answering any need of the industrial sector.
Obviously these needs are contextual. Theycan grow, change and evolve with time. Or they vary depending on the company.

For example some firms need the latest technological innovation, while for others costs are a priority.

In order to meet all possible scenarios, ESA Automation has taken an already reliable product of its and has transformed it into a technologically avant-garde and designish solution – both hardware and software wise.


HMI Solutions and SoftPLC

The HMI and SoftPLC solutions by ESA Automation have been created to guarantee maximum efficiency, by simplifying the work of the operator. In fact, these are intuitive and versatile products, which fits perfectly any sector and application field. This ishow they make the production process faster, optimized and more productive.


The Last Generation of Industrial PC: Box IPC and IPC Panel Esaware

Industrielle PC Technologie, wie auch andere Bereiche der industriellen Automation, ist einer ständigen Weiterentwicklung unterworfen, um sich dem Markttrend stetig anzupassen. Diese Trends beruhen auf den Anforderungen und Benutzungsgewohnheiten, welche sich am Bedarf orientieren.
Zuerst stand die Bedienungsfreundlichkeit und die Leistung im Mittelpunkt. Natürlich sind Kunden nicht an einer weniger fortschrittlichen Technologie interessiert. Im Gegenteil: Sie erwarten immer höhere Leistung und Anschlussfähigkeit, gemäß den Industrie 4.0 Trends. Dies erfordert also ein immer funktionaleres Design bezüglich besserer industrieller Ergonomie.


Smart Meters: the ESA Energy Solutions for Energy Efficiency

ESA Energy Smart Meters are the solution to energy consumption monitoring and predictive maintenance of the facilities. Energy efficiency is an issue that concerns every production facility, in any sector. Only by carrying out a continuous diagnosis of consumption andby verifying the correct functioning of machinery we you can optimize production and ensure maximum economical and environmental sustainability.


Integration between SoftPLC CODESYS and ESA Automation

Integrating SoftPLC CODESYS makes ESA Automation’s new range of products even more efficient, reflecting the values of Esaware: flexibility, dynamism and openness.

The real competition in Industrial Automation is no longer exerted on an hardware level, but rather in termsof software, and this is a reality the Bigs of this sector are now having to deal with. Now that features like USB gates, color display and Ethernet gates have become standard and not an optional, it’s fundamental to make a difference in terms of programming.


Crew: the SCADA Software for Industrial Automation

Creating a software for Industrial Automation which is able to combine immediacy and innovation so as to guarantee a unique user experience. This is why Crew was born: the SCADA software developed by ESA Automation to program all #Esaware andthird parties HMI and IPC solutions. That’s right, once you have completed your program using Crew, you can choose whichever hardware to use.

It’s time to find out more about the characteristics that make Crew such an efficient solution.


What is Industrial Automation?

What trends will mark the future of this sector. The world of Industrial Automation is constantly going through an evolution. Find out what is Automation today and what trends will mark the future of this sector.

What is Industrial Automation today and where it’s headed

First of all, what is Automation? We can define it as the creation of the technologies that are necessary to manage and control production processes. In other worlds, we wouldn’t have products – or services – without Industrial Automation.In an Era where innovation is increasingly accelerating and anyone has state of the art technology in their pockets, the Industrial Automation field must ride a continuous change. In particular it is possible to identify an alignment with those trends that are currently affecting the market at any level.


What Is HMI And What Is It For?

Today it’s very important to know what is HMI. Human-Machine Interface is one of the hottest topics in Industrial Automation. In fact, it would appear that the future of this field lies right in the hands of this technology.

Therefore,it’s not surprising that a fierce competition was born between companies in order to come out with the most innovative platform, which will be able to bring closer two worlds eventually destined to merge: humans and machines.


SPS IPC Drives Nuremberg

Come visit us from 25th to 27th November 2014 at Hall 7 Booth no. 7-396.

Crew SCADA allows you to easily program all Esaware and third-party HMI and IPC products. Human–computer interaction has never come so natural, thanks to itsintuitive and responsive design.

Find out more about Crew and the future of automation.

Everyware eliminates distances between operators and their plants. This remote teleassistance and maintenance platform allows to monitor plants functioning anywhere they are and to intervene when necessary.

See 8 reasons why Everyware is so unique.


Esaware and ADI Design Index 2014

ADI Association for the Industrial Design is the most representative association for Italian design.

This year the ADI Permanent Observatory of Design has selected Esaware, the new line of solution for industrial automation by ESA Automation, to be published inthe design for work category of the ADI Design Index 2014.

Esaware is distinguished by its minimalist and environmentally friendly design, that involves not only the aesthetics but also the functional aspect. The products are designed to guarantee a user-friendly and safe usage, and to last in time with minimal environmental impact.

Crew SCADA, the interface of the Esaware products, is also very intuitive: entirely designed around its user.