Industry 4.0: Find out more about the new ESA Automation Cloud

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Industry 4.0: Find out more about the new ESA Automation Cloud Connectivity and accessibility are two fundamental elements in industrial automation. That is why among our recent new features, we have created the ESA Automation Cloud service.

The possibility to exchange data in the fastest and easiest way possible is an important requirement when we talk about Industry 4.0. In fact, it is based on the concept of efficiency and Internet of Things, for which automatic communication among devices is necessary. And the ESA Automation Cloud allows – and makes it easier – it.


All Esaware Industrial IPCs features

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In industrial automation, plant control is the foundation of the entire productive system. That is why it is necessary to rely on safe industrial IPCs with a last generation technology. That is the case of Esaware industrial IPCs: devices that are integrated with the most important innovations in the industrial field and that are available in the Box IPC and Panel IPC variants.


CoDeSys: The Software to Program According to the IEC 61131-3 Standard

Safety and versatility. ESA Automation integrates its solutions for industrial automation with the development ambient that it’s synonymous with industrial excellency.

I’m talking about CoDeSys, software to program according to the IEC 61131-3 Standard.

Esaware is the perfect context for such an addition, because it increases the potential of the line and creates the ideal synergy for any application.


ESA Automation Industrial HMI Solutions with Touch Panel

Industrial HMIs are the proof that, in the industrial field, technology is constantly evolving. Todays market is a digital one and we need devices that are able to support companies within a highly competitive scenario, where expectations are higher and higher. This is true both from a hardware point of view, with powerful and safe technology, and from a software one, with efficient and intuitive systems. In fact, what is the goal of technology in industrial automation if not simplifying production processes? And this is exactly on of ESA Automation’s main objectives, that with its Industrial HMIs with touch panel makes the operator’s job easier and more intuitive.


6 Fundamental Features in a Panel PC

How do you recognize a great PC Panel? First, from its features. It must have those characteristics that can make it right for the industrial context of today. That is why our Esaware range has last-generation display computers for industrial applications. The EW200 Panel Pc line offers solutions that has unique design and that are full of technological innovations conceived to perfectly adapt to the needs of the Industry 4.0. Let’s see which 6 features are fundamental in a PC Panel


HMI and Software in the Industry 4.0

HMI e Software nell’Industria 4
Command and execution, though and action: the balance between HMI devices and software in the Industry 4.0 is becoming more and more important.

The industrial sector has figured out that in order to continue to prosper it needs to renew itself and to guarantee its own sustainability. Both in terms of resources and of productive process. That is why companies have to invest more in the software aspect of technology.

This is a direction that we at ESA Automation have taken ourselves, with the goal to introduce many innovative solutions aimed to increase the efficiency of the industry through independent and open software.


Motion Control & CNC applications (computer numerical control) by ESA Automation

Le applicazioni CNC
ESA Automation entering the Motion Control and computer numerical control field was one of our biggest news of last year. An important development, that has taken us to the integration of our range of product with new solutions and technologies.

The ESA Automation CNC applications offer perfect balance among ease of use, flexibility and completeness. In fact, we have developed several of them, for various industrial fields, including the most complex and technical ones.


Industrial Internet of Things and ESA Automation Approach to its Innovations

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents what todays industry is all about. The Industry 4.0, which bases its values on this principle.

This is a reality that involves all the companies in the industry and that has made a major change in the way they conduct their activities, as well as in products or services.

Let’s see what is the ESA Automation approach to the innovations of the Internet of Things.


The Industry 4.0 and ESA Automation Products

The Industry 4.0 has proved to be more than just a trend or a marketing move. This concept has become more and more real, managing to change the industrial automation sector in a few years. The needs have changed and with them technologies used. This also applies to ESA Automation products, which has always invested in research and innovation in order to offer the solutions needed by the industry.


Remote Assistance with Everyware 1.4: Find Out What’s New

Providing remote assistance with Everyware becomes even more convenient, thanks to more connectivity and to a faster configuration system.

With the new 1.4 update, just released by ESA Automation, the technology company introduces some very important new features, which will make your job even more efficient.

Thanks to Everyware 1.4 travel costs and time are gone. The remote assistance platform, part of the range of solutions for industrial automation Esaware, gives you the ability to monitor production plants and intervene wherever they are.