Industry 4.0 and Energy Efficiency

Nowadays, energy consumption in manufacturing is one of the most discussed and relevant subjects. Scarcity of resources and environmental impact have imposed greater sensitivity on the topic, making production sustainability one of the main objectives of Industry 4.0.
Even governments have started to pass laws aimed at reducing waste and promoting energy efficiency in production plants. Thus, companies are finally incentivized to invest in more efficient solutions, such as ESA’s energy management line.

Energy efficiency 4.0 and sustainable production

In Europe, industrial energy consumption amounts to 26% of the total European usage. While in the United States the industrial sector is responsible for about 32% of the country’s total energy consumption. (sources; US Energy Information Administration)
In view of these information, it becomes clear that Industry 4.0 and energy efficiency are an essential combination. The implementation of a more sustainable production is the most important challenge in the future of our sector. And efficient energy consumption – along with production flexibility and digitalization – is the key to winning it.
To this end, Industry 4.0 requires innovative technological solutions capable of limiting energy waste and providing real-time control over consumption. On top of reducing the impact of manufacturing, this approach can lead to enormous benefits for companies, including cost reduction and greater competitiveness.

ESA industrial solutions for energy efficiency

ESA’s energy management and smart meter solutions is based on the principles of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. Our devices are designed to carry out a continuous diagnosis of energy consumption to promote long-term sustainability. In addition, they allow to monitor the correct operation of the plant, identifying any consumption or waste peak.
ESA’s energy efficiency system integrates various components, both hardware and software. Starting from our intuitive software Energyaware, an integrated remote monitoring and control system for smart meter networks and other devices. Including our Distributed Meter EW800 (DEM), which can be installed directly on the machines to collect consumption data. This information is then transmitted and historicized through our Data Manager, along with other important data detected by third-party smart meters, such as gas or water meters.
Finally, ESA has developed its own Cloud service to facilitate the circulation and accessibility of energy consumption data. In this way, all devices connected to the production plant can access production information at any time and use it to promote greater energy efficiency.
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