Cyber Security as a Prerequisite for The Industry 4.0

How important is cyber security for the Industry 4.0? With the principles of efficiency and connectivity of the fourth industrial revolution, a different side of the coin rises: the danger of cyber attacks.

Ideally, the Industry 4.0 requires a completely interconnected reality, but this same characteristic uncovers an unexpected vulnerability. Because with connectivity, the effect and impact of eventual attacks grow as well.

The challenges of the Industry 4.0

The Industry 4.0 is a finish line, and as such implies certain challenges. First, it requires reliable systems, in which all devices are correctly programmed, without any traffic problem. Otherwise, any anomaly would be an obstacle to the principle of connectivity on which the very same concept of the Industry 4.0 relies.

This is why it’s important to have a continuous monitoring and real time remote maintenance system.

An additional challenge of the Industry 4.0 is cyber security. Which means developing one or more digital solution capable to protect the network – and therefore the plant itself – from outside attacks.

As mentioned, this condition is a fundamental prerequisite, since without an effective plan against cyber attacks, the same concept of the fourth industrial revolution is threatened.

The problem is clear: more connectivity, bigger volumes of data circulating in the system (Internet of Things), and bigger threats.

Cyber security and the Industry 4.0: how to guarantee the future of industry

Now that we’ve talked about the challenges, one question comes natural: are companies ready?

In another article, we mentioned that a research by Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT found out that in 2016 on 39,2% of industrial PCs was blocked at least one cyber attacked (source

It’s clear how, with such a threat, we need concrete precautionary measures. Increasing the digital security of your facility and strategic production chains must be a priority objective for any company. Because only this way it is possible to collaborate for the realization of the Industry 4.0 principles.

To this end, we need adequate solutions. Safe, innovative and reliable technologies, that will promote cyber security in the production plant.

ESA Automation solutions for cyber security

ESA Automation presents its solutions for cyber security in the Industry 4.0. Like the TLS 1.2 encrypted protocol used in its industrial PCs: one of the most effective against cyber attacks.

Encryption allows you to prevent external attacks and thus protect the ever larger volumes of sensitive data circulating on your corporate network. As a result, the principle of IoT does not encounter obstacles.

And so, ESA Automation allows companies to take a step forward and to get closer to the Industry 4.0 ideal.